5E Greyhawk Update – Players Guide Done


I posted about this on my FB and G+ pages, but for everyone else, I wanted to point out a milestone in my 5E Greyhawk project.

The Greyhawk 576 Players Guide is now complete.

That means all the thumbnail descriptions of countries, races, languages, classes, magic items, backgrounds, feats, spells, gods, and factions are done. Especially, this means that each of the 65 gods included in the book has their own divine domain for clerics, and many have unique spells. This is based on the concept, which goes back to 1st edition AD&D, that each deity’s clerics have a unique set of features. I felt that the 5E divine domain system would be a perfect vehicle to bring that into the latest edition.

Of course, there might still be some tinkering here and there as I make progress on the DMs Guide and other things, but as of right now there are no holes in the Players Guide. It’s currently clocking in at 341 pages, but obviously that’s before editing, and layout, and art, and all that good stuff. But 341 pages of nothing-but-text (most of it single spaced) should give you an idea of the scope of the thing.

Speaking of the DMs Guide, it’s by no means just getting started. Things like the history, calendar, weather, cosmology (which includes a brief description of Greyspace and the crystal sphere surrounding Oerth*), and wilderness area descrtipions sections are done.

That leaves nation-states and magic items, which are in progress, and monsters and notable NPCs, which have yet to be started.

So I’m moving onto those items now. But dang, it feels nice to have that huge piece done.

By the way, if you’ve got a 5E group playing in Greyhawk and would like to join the playtest, please drop me a line at greyhawkgrognard@gmail.com. You and your players will need to sign an NDA (since this is of course very unofficial and can’t ever be released without WotC’s blessing), but you’ll get to see what’s what and provide input.


* Yes! I mention Spelljammer! Even though it’s just a roundabout mention, it’s inherent to the setting, after all.

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6 thoughts on “5E Greyhawk Update – Players Guide Done

  1. I was just scanning your blog and the old Greyhawk map popped up and I suddenly had butterflies in my stomach. I always get excited when I see that map. No other fantasy map does that to me.

  2. Unfortunately my current Greyhawk campaign is on a break due to work pressure, otherwise i'd but putting my hand up like a shot. If i can get back to DMing rather than playing anytime soon then i guarantee an interest!

  3. Following with interest. Getting ready to start a 5E Greyhawk campaign. Putting together what I can, as I can. You demonstrate true dedication, sir.

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