More Castle of the Mad Archmage Coming in January

It is with great pleasure that I can announce a new expansion to the Castle of the Mad Archmage will Kickstart in January. But this is going to be something special.

On Level 5 of the castle dungeons*, there is a magical gate to a land of living music, where if the PCs enter,

“…they will be taken to a pocket universe where musical instruments are alive, all language is done by musical notes, and The King of Instruments, a magical sentient pipe organ whose sound serves as the Platonic Ideal for all earthly music, can be found.”

This adventure is in the spirit of the classic modules Beyond the Magic Mirror and Dungeonland, with the PCs brought into a plot within the Land of Living Music, and then having to find a way home. It’ll be for Adventures Dark and Deep, but that means it’ll be compatible with almost all Old School games. I don’t have a page count yet.

This will be a departure from my usual way of doing things in a very significant way.

This will include a hand-crafted, limited print edition of 100 signed and numbered copies. And once those hundred printed copies go, that’ll be it. These will be true collector’s items.

As usual, the money will go towards art and editing (and in this case printing).

Details to come on Kickstarter at the start of the new year. Watch this space!


* Level 5, Area 53, for those who are curious.

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