Alas, Google Plus – Let’s Try MeWe!

Google Plus hasn’t exactly been the most popular social media platform, let’s be honest. But it has caught on with a lot of tabletop gamers, especially those in the OSR. I was an early adopter, and moderate several different communities on the site.

Well, not for long, because today it was announced that Google Plus was being shut down next summer. Of course, the whole “we didn’t make an announcement about the half-million-user data breach because it would both hurt our stock price and expose us to Congressional oversight” thing is pretty heinous in and of itself, but I’m choosing to look forward. Ahem.

So for those who are looking for an alternative, I have something to offer. I myself have been using a site called for a while now. It’s sort of like Facebook, but without the algorithm-induced meddling and everyone-knows-they-are-even-though-they-deny-it political bias. Plus they promise to stand up for free speech. We’ll see about some of those promises, but I’m there mostly for the fact that they allow groups, and there’s a chat feature, and your personal feed shows your friends’ posts in the order they made them, and nothing else, algorithm-free.

It’s like I got a wish, and it turned Facebook into what I actually wanted.

So, anyhow, there are two groups up there now that I moderate:



I heartily encourage anyone to come on over to MeWe and try it out. We’re all still getting used to the new platform, but it’s pretty intuitive, and on the OSR group we’ve got luminaries like Erik Tenkar, Benoist Penoire, and Vincent Florio as moderators. So come on by. It’s certainly worth the look.

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