Where the hell have I been?

Hey all! I realized I hadn’t posted in a while, and just wanted to let folks know what’s what.

Almost all my free gaming time has been spent on two things – the next installment of my Baklunish articles, and the Adventures Great and Glorious book.

The next Baklunish piece will have a map compatible with the original Darlene map, as well as an addendum to the Guide to the World of Greyhawk, covering the new lands and geographical features. The map is done (but might be subject to a fairly large revision based on feedback from my Patreon followers), and the Guide is in progress.

Adventures Great and Glorious is proceeding like gangbusters. The conceptual hurdles seem to fall away as soon as they raise their heads, and I’m right on schedule for a Q1 Kickstarter to get the art and editing paid for. I’m leaning towards having the campaign happen during Garycon, so I can maximize its visibility in what is probably the #1 niche market aimed at my audience. I know most Kickstarter experts say you should have nothing else going on during a campaign, but I think the GaryCon crowd will really respond well to the book.

Anyhoo, that’s what’s going on. The good news is that I’m not posting on the blog because I’m writing stuff.

Sorry I don’t have something more concrete for here, but if inspiration strikes (as often happens when I’m on a roll), I’ll get a post up post haste!

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    1. I’m pretty excited to find this page. I run a 1E AD&D game set in the world of Greyhawk I had just started researching the Baklunish for a story hook.

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