Blitzkrieg in the West

Today I received a new game in the mail, which I had supported on Kickstarter in March 2018. It was the first effort by Canvas Temple Publishing (they’ve since done three more Kickstarter campaigns), which is a new company founded by Jon Compton. Blitzkrieg in the West was developed by him and the legendary Ty Bomba, and I thought it was worth checking out a freshman start on the strength of the two guys involved.

I’ve got to say, even though it’s a couple of months past the estimated date, this is a really, really great looking game. It’s got two mounted maps, full-color counters, nice coated cards, and really high-quality components throughout.

Obviously I haven’t gotten a chance to play it yet, but just based on the quality of the components, I’m glad I backed it. If you’re into traditional hex-and-counter wargames, this is definitely a company to check out.

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