Adventures Great and Glorious Now Available

The time has come!  

The long-awaited Adventures Great and Glorious book is now available! It includes rules for clearing territory and building strongholds in both wilderness and civilization, entering the world of courtly intrigue, playing the dynastic “long game”, mass combat, and high-level magic including demi-planes, ley lines, and meta-magic.  

Compatible with most old-school RPGs.  

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2 thoughts on “Adventures Great and Glorious Now Available

  1. Looks pretty.

    In a game where the characters are name level at 9/10 and might reach as high as level 12, for what levels would your supplement be appropriate?

    I have domain rules that I use that I just adore but no good mass combat rules, and anyway I think your perspective would be valuable.

    1. Some sections will work with characters of every level. A 4th level character could be a courtier and become involved in courtly intrigue, for instance, and a group of 1st level characters could find themselves at the turning point of a battle. There are some 2nd and 3rd level spells, but most pick up around level 5 or 6, so that’ll be more useful once you hit 10th or 12th level. The “build a stronghold” type rules start applying around 9th or 10th level, as you’d expect.

      Hope that helps!

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