Changes to Patreon

Hey everyone!

I am pleased to announce that there will be a bit of a change in my Patreon structure as of March. Starting next month, patrons at the $5 and above level will have exclusive access to a “One Page Dungeon” style expansion for Castle of the Mad Archmage. There will be one such expansion every month.

These expansions might get gathered up and republished at some point in the future, but such a project isn’t even on my radar at this point. I’m still busily working on T5/T6/D4/Q2, but I wanted to let my patrons know that you are really, really appreciated, and give you something to show for your support.

Also starting next month, everyone at the $10 and above level will have their name listed in my free downloads, as a way of saying “thank you”. You really do help make all this possible.

You can find my patreon in the upper-right corner of the blog, or here.

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