T5 – Beneath the Temple of Elemental Evil

This has been a long time coming!

The first in my series of expansions/addenda/replacements for the classic T1-4 Temple of Elemental Evil, and the GDQ Giants/Drow modules is finally here.

Based on literally years of research and speculation here on the blog, this first module is an expansion to the Temple of Elemental Evil, detailing a (real) shrine to the Elder Elemental God far below the Temple dungeons, wherein a fragment of the Elder Elemental God can be summoned. It also includes a new monster, the Lesser Servant of the Eye, as well as formal stats for the tentacle rods and the ring that controls them.

There are also a number of random tables (because… tables!) that will help the DM create other Temples of the Eye, with variant effects for the various objects and circumstances therein.

This can be used on its own for DMs who want to incorporate the originally-intended link between Temple of Elemental Evil and the Elder Elemental God, turning the whole T1-4/GDQ series into a truly epic connected adventure.

Download the file here.

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16 thoughts on “T5 – Beneath the Temple of Elemental Evil

  1. Awesome adventure and love the backstory. Any hits on when the next one will be available?

    1. Thanks very much for the kind words; glad you like it!

      I don’t like to give time-frames for these, as the work goes in parallel with the other adventures (T6, D4, Q2). I can say that D4 City of Spiders is the next one I plan on focusing on, but if inspiration suddenly strikes for one of the others, I go where the muse takes me. 🙂

  2. Fantastic update and addition. I specifically like the addition of the Book of Nar (and associated fragment in Smigmal’s possession. I have my kids playing through T1-4 now (since we’re all trapped at home!) and they are really enjoying it. Well done and I look forward to your future installments!

  3. Are there any fonts I need to download?

    When I opened it using Xreader in Linux Mint, it rendered the cover with a non-descript sans serif font and the kerning was all weird.

    1. All the fonts should be included in the file. The only one I know is a little wonky is the main title on the front page, which for some reason doesn’t show up in some readers and thumbnails (it’s called “Satans Minions” and is a TrueType font).

  4. Really good work Mr. Bloch, but I’ve never fully gotten the connection between the four elements and the Cthulhu-esque EEG. I wondered if ‘elemental’ could in the EEG’s case refer to ‘primal’ or ‘basic’. Otherwise, it doesn’t entirely mesh.

    That said, when reading the original T 1-4 series I wondered how exactly the elemental evil clerics were getting their spells. I wondered if they were worshiping the elements themselves, but the EEG granting it makes perfect sense.

    1. The four elements are heavily implied by several things. First, and most obvious, the four-element nature of the Temple above (which was originally supposed to have a connection to the EEG). Second, the symbols used by the Temple (square/lozenge/triangle/circle) are connected with the elements, and correspond to the contents of Lolth’s egg, which were (again, originally) supposed to be the keys to freeing the EEG. Finally, the priests of the EEG, as designed in collaboration with Gary, have access to the Elemental sphere, and can summon elementals at higher levels. So I think the connection is a fair one, and I think the word “Elemental” in the name can be properly used in both senses.

  5. There are two d12 tables on p4 that don’t go up to 12. Are the final entries “No effect” & “No action” supposed to extend all the way to 12 (e.g. 6-12 & 4-12)?

  6. I’m having a hard time understanding the link between the Book of Nar fragment and the dais/throne. The color order seems off from how I read the book fragment… unless I’m misinterpreting them. Error or am I just not getting it?

    Terrific work! Right up there with G1A (which I’m using right now with my players)

      1. You rock, sir. I love the tentacle rod influence over the Lesser Servant. Exactly as it should be!

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