Faiths of the Flanaess for 5E

Here it is, my friends. The Big One. The final installment of my 5th Edition Greyhawk books, and it’s a whopper, coming in at 173 pages. Here you’ll find a write-up of 69 different Greyhawk deities. Each has background on the god/dess itself, as well as notes on the worshipers, priesthood, and a unique clerical domain (with one exception). Many have unique spells usable only by clerics of that deity, and all have the usual divine domain information; bonus proficiencies, channel divinity, etc.I’m really proud of this one, and I hope you all enjoy it.

You can download the file here:

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18 thoughts on “Faiths of the Flanaess for 5E

  1. Seems some Boccob and Wee Jas should have Arcana domain also missing Ehlonna! But seem good so far!

    1. Ummm… Ehlonna is on page 30.

      And as far as I know “Arcane” isn’t a cleric domain in 5E. It’s not in the Player’s Handbook. Is it in some supplement book?

    1. Since that’s a Forgotten Realms specific book, it shouldn’t be surprising that I didn’t use it here. 🙂

      Feel free to add it. But with a few (marked) exceptions, I tried to stay with the Player’s Handbook.

  2. This must have taken awhile to put together. I love this stuff. Excellent work. I really like the idea of personalizing gods with specific spells and tailored domains. This is going to take some time to process. Humm … I really do like the idea of tailored domains, very clever indeed. Well done.

    1. Well I wanted to take the concept of personalized cleric classes from 1E and 2E, and make it fit the 5E format. Using divine domains seemed the natural approach, and I think it worked out very well.

  3. Errata: Wee Jas is listed as Intermediate on the table and Greater in her entry.

  4. Well done Joe. You saved the best for last! Good feedback also, people. Solid work my friend.

  5. Raxivort is listed in the table but doesn’t have a description. Was this on purpose?

    1. Sort of. I was going to include him as a full entry, but then decided I might do a whole demi-human/humanoid book at some point. So I figured I might as well leave the little bit of info I had for him in the table.

  6. Hi,

    Some small things in the Spells section:

    1) In the Cleric Spells list Boccob’s Rolling Cloud is missing the asterisk.
    2) In the spell descriptions Spiderform occurs before Snowball.
    3) Unholy Word appears in the spell descriptions but nowhere else (spell lists, god descriptions).

  7. Hey Mr Bloch, I follow you since your older web with your versions for 3th edition personalities of Greyhawk or Falcongris as we know in Spain. You had a great job and I wonder if you will share your DM and Monster guide.

    Thanks for all

    PD: I miss some demigods like Kiuss and Mayaheine

    1. The DM’s stuff is scattered throughout the other books; the magic items, for instance, and the factions.
      Monsters… I’m still figuring out if I can legally publish a monster book under the OGL. The trouble is that most of the Greyhawk monsters were never included as Open Game Content, at least that I can find. If not, I’ll go the free route, as I did here.

  8. This is a fantastic piece of work, Joe. As someone who moved his game to 5E to accommodate his players, but never moved on from World of Greyhawk, I sincerely appreciate all the work you’ve put in. Thank you!

  9. Thanks for all your hard work Joe. I am considering a 5e Greyhawk Campaign based off these.

    I didn’t donate but finally got around to the buying Castle of the Mad ArchMage and a few expansions for ADD.

    By the way what is the forum for feedback on the Greyhawk 5e stuff once the comments closed. I wanted to say in the player options pdf, the elf section could be expanded to be more explicit on all the Greyhawk elven subraces, not just the new ones

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