The Army of Sunndi Takes the Field

My Triumph! army project has reached an important milestone; the first army is painted! The army of Sunndi still needs to be sealed and the bases flocked (it’s raining, so I can’t apply the sealant because of humidity concerns), but I wanted to share the fruits of my labor.

Above: The whole army. Upper-left are the elven skirmishers, below them the dwarven elite foot, gnomish spearmen, and halfling skirmishers, below them the human hillmen skirmishers and below those are the human interior skirmishers. On the upper-right are the bad horse (including one stand designated as the leader, bearing the banner), below them the human archers, and below them light infantry.

Above: The human elements of the army. Top to bottom, the bad horse, archers, light infantry, and two different kinds of skirmishers (hillmen with slings and interior troops with crossbows).

Above: The demi-human contingents. Top to bottom; elven skirmishers, halfling skirmishers, gnomish spearmen, and dwarven elite foot.

And finally a close-up of that bad horse, showing off the banner of Sunndi, with those woodsmen archers in front.

The army itself is pretty light when it comes to troop types, with a ton of skirmishers. They should do well in rough terrain situations, especially against enemies that don’t have a lot of mounted troops.

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