Greyhawk Lore in Heroes’ Feast

A few weeks ago, I posted a video first look at Heroes’ Feast, the D&D cookbook. I really like the book, and thought it might be worthwhile to collect the various bits of Greyhawk lore that are scattered throughout. Some of these are pretty mundane, while some (like the gingerbread cookie entry) are very nice little additions. Enjoy, and I highly recommend picking up the book (link at the bottom of this post).

“Greyhawk’s cuisine is primarily inspired by dishes from feudal Europe, especially the tavern fare and game of medieval Britain and other areas throughout mainland Europe, sometimes with a fantastical or even otherworldly twist.” (xx)

The Green Dragon Inn. Situated in the River Quarter of the Free City of Greyhawk, this iconic pub is everything you’d expect of a D&D tavern; dark, cozy, and dangerous. Hushed conversations linger over map-covered tables, while the smell of roasted game wafts heavily above the underlying stench of stale ale. Whether you’re looking for tasty regional cuisine of the Flanaess or trouble, you’ll find it at the Green Dragon.” (xxv)

“In metropolises such as… Greyhawk, affluent urban dwellers might even sample monster meats such as baked stirges, roast manticore, or wyvern steaks purely for boasting rights.” (4)

“If you can’t source fresh knucklehead trout from the lakes of Ten Towns, don’t dismay. Trout from Nyr Dyv near the City of Greyhawk… will suffice as substitutes.” (13)

Hommlet Golden Brown Roasted Turkey with Sausage Stuffing and Drippings. What else makes the mouth water but a plump bird roasting on a spit above an open hearth? One particular style of this dish was made famous in the Village of Hommlet, on the far side of Nyr Dyv from the City of Greyhawk, where geese are plentiful in the warmer months and turkeys abundant in the winter.” (16)

Gingerbread Man. A traditional treat served in the waning light of the month of Sunsebb in Greyhawk, this style of ginerbread man memorializes a legend about the ancient ruins of Castle Greyhawk. There, it is said, all sorts of confections could come to life and harry adventurers, including a fearsome cookie whose description inspired this recipe. The arms and legs of the gingerbread man are ringed with icing, but the body is covered in a protective armor of chopped nuts and raisins. Skewering the plumpest raisin could slay the fiend instantly — so a fat raisin is usually reserved for the cookie’s mouth. It is customary for children to pluck and eat that one first, to make sure the cookie doesn’t come alive!” (43)

Wood Elf Forest Salad. … Sometimes called ‘chopforest’ among the wood elves of… Oerth, this bountiful, verdant mix is brimming with sharp accents and crisp textures that almost managically share the palace with the subtler foraged flavors at play.” (63)

“There is little room for waste or the superfluous in their culture or appetite. Regardless of what room they occupy, be it Krynn, Toril, Oerth, Eberron, or elsewhere, dwarves of the multiverse tend to exemplify constant attributes and even more steadfast tastes.” (86)

The Green Dragon Inn. Cargo Street, River Quarter, Free City of Greyhawk. [The entire menu is given, including the rates for rooms, which are 1 sp for a shared room, 2 gp for a private room, and 3 gp for a suite.] ‘Hail adventurer! This here is the Green Dragon Inn, and, if y’know what’s good for ya, you’ll keep yer eyes open, yer head down, and yer mouth shut. The drunk ‘ere is strong and the food’s… edible. We’re havin’ a special on seafood tonight — if you see food y’like, you can have it if you can pay for it.” (144)

Surrogate Steaks. … In a bizarre ruin near the Barrier Peaks of Oerth, otherworldly humanoids had stocked their pantries with all manner of sustainance sealed within clear airtight pouches. When the sole survivor of an expedition to that cursed place returned to Greyhawk, she claimed to have made the journey home eating the curious meat she found there. After much puzzling by local alchemists over the remaining stock she carried, they determined it was not a meat at all but a curious vegetable compound seasoned to deliver the essence of meat. Inspired by this discovery, some bold chefs began experimenting with their own approaches to this “surrogate steak,” a process eventually perfected by high elves relying on soy, barley, and cocoa butter.” (170)

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