2020 In Review

I thought it might be fun to look back and see how my 2020 has been. I know for a lot of folks it’s been especially bad, but my 2020 was actually pretty good.

On the gaming front, it’s been a mixed bag. I got almost no actual gaming in, and all the conventions I usually attend were cancelled. I don’t do online gaming (yet), so my gaming has been reduced to a few solo outings and things dealing with gaming (what I call “gaming-adjacent”), but not actual play.

That said, on the gaming-adjacent front, things have been good. I made 55 blog posts, and I count doing more than one a week to be a pretty good average for me. The “Free Resources” page continues to be the most-viewed page on the site, which is fine by me. That’s why I make them; for people to use.

I published another side level for Castle of the Mad Archmage back in January, and published two free Greyhawk modules later in the year. My Patreon supporters continue to grow, albeit at a slow pace, and I launched my YouTube channel which currently has 353 subscribers. More videos are on the way!

I started a major new Greyhawk project with my armies of the Iron League (and their enemies), and have the army of Sunndi complete and the army of Medegia in the works. I’ve also started a new series of Dragonne magazine articles on the land of Zihindia, and the second article is halfway done.

For BRW Games, Castle of the Mad Archmage Level Four South was my largest seller for 2020, followed closely by the Adventures Dark and Deep Players Manual, and then the main Castle of the Mad Archmage three-book set. Oh, and I opened up a brick-and-mortar store in a shared retail space.

On the personal front, things are going pretty well, all things considered. I am able to work from home, so my day job has carried on unabated; I even got an end-of-year raise. I’ve always been fond of my privacy, so the lockdowns haven’t really bothered me as much as they do other people. No one I know has died of Covid, although one or two have caught it and made it out okay. Along with about half the country, I wasn’t pleased with the outcome of the election, but on the whole, it’s been a pretty good year, all things considered.

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