Yoga in AD&D

Holy moley it’s been a while since I did a Zihindia article! The time just sort of slipped away from me. But hopefully this addition from the annals of Dragonne Magazine will make up for the tardiness.

Within you will find a full system for incorporating the arts of yoga into your 1E game. It uses a variation of the skill system I used in Adventures Dark and Deep (including the martial arts system in Golden Scroll of Justice), which itself was based on a system Gary Gygax wrote for Castles & Crusades as part of his ill-fated Castle Zagyg. To gain skills in yoga, you spend experience points rather than use them to advance in level. As a general rule, the idea works wonderfully in various applications, and I’m glad to bring it into these pages.

In addition, the series of Gods of the World of Greyhawk continues, with several new entries in the Zihindian pantheon.


Download the file here.

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  1. Wow! I did not expect to see actual yoga in D&D, but after reading the entire article, it does make sense. Interesting mechanic. Spend XP to learn skills instead of leveling up. But some of these skills are awfully powerful, perhaps too potent. As a DM I would make sure as you suggest to make yoga masters very rare, or a quest unto themselves. Glad to see more exotic material from Zihindia. BTW, the document is 12 pages but pages 8 and 10 are blank. Normal?

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