New Video: Big Changes to my Patreon

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6 thoughts on “New Video: Big Changes to my Patreon

  1. Really looking forward to it, Mr. Bloch! Do all the levels of patreon supporters get access to your games, or do they have to be a certain one?

    Also, what era of Greyhawk are you planning to set everything in? Are the adventures going to be the 1E classics, or your own original material?

    1. Only one tier allows folks to play in the game. The hope is that they’ll be posted on the YouTube channel at some point, possibly in an edited format.

      And you should know better than to ask. 🙂 It’ll be a CY 576 game. The adventures will be a mix; I tend to do a very sandbox-y game, so it’s a lot more free form than “here’s where the adventure is this week”.

      1. Will lower tiers be able to stream the games? I don’t want to play, but I’d like to stream the games the way everyone from LordGosumba to Geek & Sundry does on Twitch.

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