Review: Dune (2021)

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  1. I have seen it twice now, so…
    1. I haven’t read the books for 25+ years now so I did miss the issues with Lady Jessica. I think you are kinda right but it wasn’t a deal breaker for me.
    2. More of an issue was Zendaya’s speaking parts, which I don’t think really reflected her role as a hardened desert Fremen.
    3. I was interested in your comparison of the desert shots with Lawrence of Arabia as a friend of mine pointed at that throughout the film you never see a wide angle shot of the open desert – it is always quite close. Hopefully they’re going to use more of that in the second film.
    4. Following from that, I also note that the lighting was quite dark, and while this worked well mostly it was over done in the later scenes when Paul and Jessica were crossing the open desert.
    5. Still the best film I have seen in the cinema since Lord of the Rings. Although I will say that while the Lord of the Rings trilogy made me feel like I was seeing the story for the first time (having read the books at least 6 times) Dune didn’t match that.

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