Journey to Hommlet in French

Out of the blue a few weeks ago, I was approached by a few folks interested in translating my Hommlet prequel adventure, T0 Journey To Hommlet, into French. And now, lo! and behold, they’ve done it. Not only does their T0 Le voyage vers Hommlet translate the text, but they took the time to redo some of the art and maps as well.

I can’t speak to the quality of the translation itself (literally), as I don’t know French. But I’m very sure this isn’t just some machine translation, but one that was done by someone knowledgeable in both English and French, and with a background in the original source material.

Translation and layout : Dvergguden
Proofreading : Athalée
Map on p.4 : Bournazel

You can find the translated version here. My original can be found under the “Free Resources” link above.


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4 thoughts on “Journey to Hommlet in French

  1. This is amazing, and the French is of highest quality !

    If you do not know him, Dvergguden is really an expert in original DnD materials.

    His blog provides freely the best versions (as French PDF) of the original rulebooks of DnD, as they where published in French, but also original high quality translations and corrections of old rulebooks and modules that where never translated before.

    All this is carefully crafted to mimic the typesetting and design of the original editions in the smallest details (even the commercials!).

    Check it out :
    (and despite what it may seem, I’m not affiliated with him at all 😃)

  2. Quick question, Mr. Bloch-where did the translators hail from? Was it France? Here in Canada? Somewhere else?

    I ask because I’m interested in a lot of things related to Canada and I’m wondering if the translation would be in Canadian/Quebecois French, in ‘France French’, or what have you.

    1. There’s a link to information on the translation/art team that goes to a .fr domain, so I’m guessing France.

      It’s a free download, so if there are differences in the dialect, I’m sure it would be easy to see.

  3. Yes the translation, is in “France French” but as far as I know this should not be an issue for our french speaking cousins living in Quebec.

    Dvergguden makes a wonderful job of translation into French of old D&D materials. His work goes even further … as he fully redesigns those scenario including maps, illustrations and graphic design.

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