Adventure Module V3 “Toil and Trouble”

I’m pleased to report that my next adventure module is now available.

V3, “Toil and Trouble” is the final adventure in the “Hamlet of Volage” trilogy (V1 and V2). Now the PCs must venture to the heart of the evil conspiracy plaguing the Sesve Forest; the Covenstead of the Dark Star Coven. Although it’s the third in a trilogy of adventures, it can work fine as a stand-alone.

Many of my Patreon supporters will get a copy of the module as part of their rewards. For everyone else, here’s the link to the book on DriveThru, for those who might want to add a print copy to their pdf:

Also, don’t forget that the Kickstarter for my new book Swords of Cthulhu is going on right now. Add Lovecraftian horror to your 1E-type game.

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