Armies of Greyhawk – Southeast Flanaess

We’re making enormous progress with the Armies of Greyhawk project, and now we get to one of my favorite regions; the southeastern Flanaess. Herein we detail the armies of the Iron League and its neighbors to the south and east. Also included are suggestions for miniatures to depict these armies on the table.

You can download the article here. Enjoy!

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4 thoughts on “Armies of Greyhawk – Southeast Flanaess

  1. Great article, no errors I could find.
    Idee, Sunndi and Onnwal are all running around 20% troop levels, about what you would expect when your freedom is on the line. Irongate is just over 10% but they have a large, not looked at yet fleet with additional sailors.
    The Lordship of the Isles is only 1.25% but I don’t think any fleet numbers have been considered. They should have 7-15000 sailors and marines possibly available(80000 population, 10-20% troops).
    The Scarlet Brotherhood looks good but should be ramping up slave troop and humanoid “mercenaries” in the near future.
    Looking forward to Furyondy and the northern barbarian tribes.
    Again, thanks for doing this.

    1. Hey can anyone tell me if or when the Duchy of Tenth will be covered?!! Also Scarlet Brotherhood Suel troop levels seem too low, how would you enslave these tribes and then conscript them to fight for you unless your troops outnumber there’s, at the least you would need 1 suel native for every 3 tribesmen to get them to do anything, I understand this is fantasy warfare and magical means play apart but numbers count, also what is the estimated Suel population of the Tilvanet region it has to be far greater then the 30,000 listed in the old folio and gold box books, they have had 100’s of years of peace and expansion plus a breeding program to increase there numbers I would estimate at least 200,000 or more at this point. Let me know guys, Thanks in advance Dave Mann

      1. Duchy of Tenh will be with the northern(tiger, wolf nomads, rovers of the barrens, etc.). March of Bissel is with Furyondy, Veluna, Verbobonc, Dyvers and Greyhawk.

        The Suel numbers are low but this is before the ramp of prior to the Greyhawk wars. I would expect a few thousand more Suel warriors but they rely on slave warriors and humanoids for shock(read expendable) troops. They keep control through assassins and gestapo type tactics.

        As far as numbers the Scarlet Brotherhood book(post wars) had 90,000 Suel, 100,000 sub-citizen, 200,000 slave and 60,000 humanoid for population. Usually 1-3% is a peacetime army, 10% war footing and 20% all out throw everything at them. Given they are on a peacetime army setting numbers are just slightly low.

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