Armies of Greyhawk – Furyondy/Veluna

Yes! I’m finally back with another installment of the Armies of Greyhawk series, this time covering the west-central Flaness; Bissel, Veluna, Furyondy, Highfolk, and Perrenland with its famed pikemen.

You can download the file here.

We’re coming into the home stretch on these articles. The ones that are left, by my reckoning, are:

  • South-Central Flanaess (Greyhawk, Dyvers, Hardby, Wild Coast, Pomarj, Celene)
  • North-Central Flanaess (Iuz, Tenh, Bandit Kingdoms)
  • Northern Flanaess (Tiger/Wolf Nomads, Rovers of the Barrens, Blackmoor)

I’m sure my eagle-eyed readers will point out if I missed anywhere. 😉

I might do one on Zihindia as well, but that will take some research into medieval Indian military organization (fortunately, the Medieval Warfare Sourcebook might come in handy with that).

Over the course of this series I’ve been experimenting with different formats. You might have noticed that some articles get way more specific when it comes to where certain troops are, garrisons of towns and castles, etc., while others are more generalized. Do let me know which you prefer; I might at some point take a second pass through the articles to clean them up, and I might apply one style or the other across the board (although there are some places where one or the other simply makes more sense).

I’m continuing to work on my fast-play wargaming rules (now called Bowmen & Battlefields), and the effort to paint up some usable armies continues. I’ll have more on both of those efforts pretty soon.

Hope you’re enjoying these, and finding them useful!

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10 thoughts on “Armies of Greyhawk – Furyondy/Veluna

  1. “I’m sure my eagle-eyed readers will point out if I missed anywhere.”

    Notable armies of the Underdark, maybe? If there’s enough data to be found I’d think there’d be some subterranean polities with enough power to potentially get involved in a proper war, either assaulting or raiding the surface or defending themselves against their neighbors or a (probably ill-advised) crusade by some meddling topsiders.

  2. I’m enjoying these articles. Speaking for myself, I enjoy having the specific garrisons listed. As someone who is not as familiar with medieval warfare as others, it gives me a nice base to work with.

  3. Thanks again for doing this.
    A couple of gripes about this one.
    Furyondy is listed as being able to quickly raise 20,000 noble levies when combined with the standing troops, you only have 11,000 listed.
    Verbobonc has a lot fewer troops listed than I have seen. I will check all my source materials and get back to you.
    Of course, if this is just how you want to do it, it is your material and I will just alter it in my own game.
    Great set of articles, looking forward to the rest and possibly the ship and demi-human forces not associated with a realm.

    1. Those numbers for Furyondy are much better. Any reason the heavy and medium cavalry only carry hand weapons and are not also lancers?
      Verbobonc has more medium infantry than I expected. I also would consider adding the 200 rangers(who patrol the surrounding lands) and 200 Gnome militia(for the 4000 Gnomes listed as being in the city).
      Can’t wait for the rest.
      Too bad we can’t mess with Canon and add the Elves of the Vesve to Highfolk numbers for a bigger Elven nation.

      1. Re: the lancers/hand weapons, not really. In my rules it doesn’t make any difference, so it’s just a subjective thing unless there’s a direct reference to one or the other in the sources.

      1. Strange, you would expect simple bow or crossbow with an army like that.
        That is a big tactical blind spot for them. Good thing their major enemy isn’t known for great bowmen either.

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