Get ’em while you can

Because of the likely impending changes to/cancellation of the Open Gaming License 1.0, I recommend that everyone reading this goes up to the Free Resources link at the top of the blog and downloads whatever you can. In just a few days at least some of those pdfs will likely be taken down (especially the 5E Greyhawk pdfs). I posted a video last night that has some more detail:

In addition, the following letter was sent to all customers who have purchased a BRW Games product through DriveThruRPG. I thought it was worth posting here.


You’re receiving this email because you’ve purchased one or more products from BRW Games in the past.

As you’ve undoubtedly heard, the terms of the Open Game License 1.0 are likely going to be changed or the license itself taken away entirely. This will have a big impact on a lot of BRW Games’ products, as many of them were published under that license. It’s impossible to be sure until the new license is officially released, but all signs point to there being a large impact, and a negative one from the standpoint of third party publishers such as BRW Games.

Mamy of our products might be forced to disappear from DriveThruRPG very suddenly, never to be seen again in their current form. For that reason, I’m asking you to purchase what you need from us now, while it’s all still there.

Did you buy a pdf of a book and really liked it? Please consider getting the print copy as well. 

Did you buy one book in a series that you found interesting or useful? Please consider buying the rest of the books in that series.

Did you see a title and think “huh, I should really try that out”? Now’s the time.

You can find our online store here:

This is a very chaotic and potentially devastating time for small third party publishers like BRW Games. Any support you give today is not only enormously helpful, but deeply appreciated as well.


Joseph Bloch, President

BRW Games

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Wargamer and RPG'er since the 1970's, author of Adventures Dark and Deep, Castle of the Mad Archmage, and other things, and proprietor of the Greyhawk Grognard blog.

3 thoughts on “Get ’em while you can

  1. Are the maps you mentioned in your “Mapping Beyond the Flanaess: All Together Now!” post still available somewhere? I would love to get a copy of these, but they don’t seem to be in the free resources section any longer. Thank you and keep up the amazing work!

  2. Thanks for your work. I have been going through your YouTube channel… and being slowly convinced me to use Greyhawk again.

    As to “Get em while you can”— I got em:-) (both the free resources and a chunk of BRW Games from DriveThru). May your efforts continue without interference from H@#$bro.

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