D4 City of Spiders Now Available

At long last, my follow-up adventure to D3 Vault of the Drow is here. D4 City of Spiders is an urban adventure set in Erelhei-Cinlu that is designed to give the PCs the information they need to take on the capstone of the G1-3/D1-3 series of adventures.

In this adventure, the PCs will learn about the imprisoned Elder Elemental God, the keys to his prison, and how to reach his prison to seal him within forever. In the process they’ll discover that confronting Lolth is the key to doing so…

Originally, Gygax intended the series to end with a confrontation with both Lolth and the Elder Elemental God, but the latter was somehow ignored when others took their hand at writing the finale, which was published as Q1 Queen of the Demonweb Pits. I’ll be publishing my own replacement, which I call Q2 Web of Souls, sometime next year.

You can download D4 City of Spiders here. It’s free, released under the Fan Content Policy.

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UPDATE 12/13/20: If your version of the file doesn’t have the words “Advanced Dungeons & Dragons” in the proper font, please try the download again. An issue with the fonts has been corrected, and a new file is now available.

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