The world needed just one more blog about old-school gaming, and darned if it didn’t get it.

As the name implies, I’ll be posting on topics related to gaming. Specifically, old-school type gaming (in my particular case, AD&D), the World of Greyhawk Fantasy Setting(tm), and on occasion the state of the gaming industry including the latest version of the D&D line, 4.0. At the time of this writing, 4.0 hasn’t been released, but we’ve been given a lot of previews (and I personally got to play in a preview game at a convention less than a month ago) and I must confess I am not only unimpressed with the system, but I am filled with bile-to-the-top-of-my-throat-dread at the prospect of what shoehorning my beloved Oerth into the new version of the rules will do to the setting.

Anyway, off we go!

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