Well, THIS sucks

Jeffrey Talanian, who collaborated on the Castle Zagyg project, is now apparently off the project. Gygax Games (the company that Gary’s widow runs, and which owns all of his IP) are apparently shifting gears on how they want to do things; i.e., it looks like they’re cutting Troll Lord Games out of the picture. And, naturally, they’re not saying anything, which is just certain to build the confidence of te fanbase and stockpile loads of good-will for the Widow Gygax’s future efforts. At the moment, it looks like getting a Volume III is a distant dream, but time will tell if my pessimism is justified.

Looks like I’ll be back to designing my own Castle Greyhawk levels. Just when I was all set to do some wilderness mapping…

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2 thoughts on “Well, THIS sucks

  1. To be fair, I don’t think we yet know for certain that TLG is being cut out of the picture, but it seems likely. Unfortunately, we don’t know much of anything, because Gygax Games is being very quiet about it all and that only makes matters worse.

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