My 2009 Convention Calendar

This is something of a wish-list, as I’m going to be including conventions I know for a fact I won’t be able to attend, but man oh man would I like to. The local NJ cons are pretty much a given, and I’m pretty fortunate that there are so many that are really local to me. Here we have, in chronological order, my 2009 convention calendar.

Feb 19-22. Dreamation 2009. Morristown, NJ. A local gaming convention.

Mar 6-8. Creation. Cherry Hill, NJ. Yes, Creation conventions are normally quite lame, but my wife is a huge fan of “Supernatural”, and this one is a salute to the show.

Mar 12-15. Cold Wars. Lancaster, PA. Historical miniatures convention. I might do this one instead of the July “Historicon”, which is put on by the same folks.

Apr 17-19. Chiller Theater Expo. Rutherford, NJ. Big horror convention.

Jun 5-6. NJCon. Miniatures wargaming.

Jun 24-28. Origins Game Fair. Columbus, OH. Huge gaming convention. I don’t know if I’ll be able to make this one, but I’d really like to.

Jul 8-12. Dexcon 12. Morristown, NJ. A local gaming convention. Unfortunately, this one conflicts with the next on the list, and I don’t know which I’ll be attending yet.

Jul 10-12. Shore Leave. Hunt Valley, MD. A local fan-run sci-fi convention. See Dexcon, above; this is a toss-up for me. The costume contest on Saturday night is always a highlight, and this is one of those types of conventions where the guests hang out in the bar with the fans and have been known to make the rounds of the room parties.

Jul 23-25. Historicon. Lancaster, PA. A big gaming convention focusing on miniatures.

Aug 13-16. GenCon Indy. Indianapolis, IN. Huge gaming con. Finances might keep me from attending this year, but I’m hoping I can squeeze it in.

Oct 23-25. Ubercon XII. Piscataway, NJ. A local gaming convention. I’m hoping to run some AD&D or a simulacrum at this one.

If you’re going to be at one of these conventions, too, drop me a line and maybe we can grab a beer.

EDIT 2/7/09: Added “Cold Wars” in March and “NJCon” in June.

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  1. Alas, it seems like a nice little con they’ve got going there, but a trip to Texas right when teacher-wife’s paychecks stop coming for the summer seems a bit ambitious in these tough times.

    Perhaps I should ask Washington for a stimulus check to cover the trip.

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