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Off to the right in the “Free Resources” section, you’ll find the latest update of my Greyhawk Lore Project. For those unfamiliar with the premise, basically I have taken it upon myself to go through the thousands of message-board posts around the Internet to find quotes by Gary Gygax, Rob Kuntz, Jim Ward, and others associated with the original Greyhawk campaign, copy and paste only those bits relevant to the original campaign (including links back to the original, in case the reader desires full context), and slap ’em into a single file so they can be searched.

So, for example, if you wanted to see allof the old-timers’ thoughts and anecdotes on, say, Iuz, you can open up the file, search for “Iuz”, and read away. There were some formatting problems with the .rtf file I posted originally, so this time I’m going with straight text. It’s about 500 k long, but if you printed it out, it’d be nearly 175 pages.

This file only includes material relevant to the original campaign, plus some bits about the earliest inspirations for monsters, thinking behind some design decisions, and the direction that the game might have taken had Gygax not been ousted from TSR in 1985. If you want to see all of the puns, the discussions of food and drink, sports, Lejendary Adventures, AD&D rules interpretations, etc. you should go to the original threads. You will get to see just how warm, generous with his time, and just all-around great guy Gary Gygax was. (Of course, it’s not all Gary, but I am feeling a little melancholy, as going through these threads was always a little like counting down to an event I knew was coming, and yet I dreaded, as March 4, 2008 kept coming closer and closer in the timestamps of the messages.)


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8 thoughts on “Greyhawk Lore Project Update

  1. The Greyhawk Lore Project is great! That had to be alot of work. I found myself doing the same sort of thing, but randomly, whenever I ran across some piece of early D&D history. I wasn't compiling them for a document like you though. I was just printing them out and sticking them in a binder. I like the idea though, I think preserving as much as we can from the early days of the game is important. Someone's gonna have to write a history of D&D eventually.

  2. I just learned of this today and am estatic that something like this is even being envisioned. I have been an avid "Greyhawk" user since the original boxed set (I began playing and running since the early 80's). I thought I hadeverything I needed to reference to, but found that I didn't even have anthing close to all the information that is available out there.

    Kudos to you Joseph, and I wish you the best of luck in your compilation. I will be refering back to this site very often.


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