CotMA Level 7 Coming Soon!

I want to send out a hearty “thank you” to everyone who has donated to keep work on the Castle of the Mad Archmage going. Your support has been really overwhelming, and I cannot thank you all enough. You’ve really shown me that the work is appreciated, and I am pleased to report that work on Level 7 has begun again. I just received the maps from Joe B. (well… I guess he’d be the other Joe B.), and I’ve started work on the text. This level is a real beast, as many of the “rooms” have several sub-rooms (A, B, C, etc.), so I don’t know how long it’ll take to complete, but I’ll be posting regular progress reports over on the right.

Thanks again– I’m still flabbergasted at the show of support.

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5 thoughts on “CotMA Level 7 Coming Soon!

  1. One more thing, Joseph—what’s the chances of seeing this available for POD through lulu when it’s all said and done? Have you thought any more on that? I would definitely pick up a copy.

  2. Sweet! My CZ campaign is two sessions in, we're messing around in the Free Town of Yggsburgh at the moment- hopefully heading to the Castle soon!

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