Castle of the Mad Archmage named best free product of 2009

Many thanks to Zach Houghton over at RPG Blog II for naming Castle of the Mad Archmage as the best free RPG product of 2009. I really appreciate the nod, and it’s really great to see that folks are enjoying the fruits of the labor. I am genuinely surprised at the positive reaction this project has gotten. Look for more stuff in 2010!

And, as a reminder, there is now a new installment of CotMA available for download, which takes us down to Level 7: The Crypts. Enjoy!

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6 thoughts on “Castle of the Mad Archmage named best free product of 2009

  1. Congrats on the recognition. It is indeed a great piece of work and I've enjoyed watching the progress over the many months. I'm very much looking forward to the day my sandbox campaign players find it and explore it.

  2. The cyberverse pauses for a moment, then it erupts into thunderous applause.

    "Bravissimo, Maestro, bravissimo!"

    …and there was much rejoicing on the internet for the space of half an hour…


  3. any chance you can post it somewhere other than rapidshare? Rshare have recently gotten aggressive about trying to push everyone into their paid service, and it's nearly impossible to get a dl link.

    Looking forward to checking out the latest!

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