Labyrinth Lord Advanced Edition Companion Now Available!

And if you order TONIGHT (Feb 3), you can get the softcover at Lulu for under US$20 (plus tax and shipping) if you put in the coupon code “shadow”. Hurry– that code only lasts for another few hours (it’s a Groundhog Day special)! Link to find it –> here <–

I’m very much looking forward to this– I like anything that the OSR puts out, but this one had me hooked from its initial announcement for obvious reasons. 1E is my game now, and I’m working on Emprise!(tm), so this expansion for Labyrinth Lord is a natural for me.

Even if you read this too late for that code to work– I encourage everyone to buy it. It should be a hoot.

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3 thoughts on “Labyrinth Lord Advanced Edition Companion Now Available!

  1. Thanks for the mention Joseph! Yes, I was under the gun myself because I need some stock ASAP for a convention the weekend after this one. Normally I'd order from a less expensive printer, but on short notice Lulu is excellent. So this discount came in handy.

  2. For those who missed the Groundhog's Day promotion, be sure to use the Valentine's Day code:

    I just picked up a copy and look forward to getting my hands on it. Now I just need to find an AD&D game in my area…

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