A quick Emprise! Update

In the Player’s Guide, the new mountebank class is done, and work continues apace on the spell descriptions. The outline of the now-retitled “Game Masters Toolkit” has grown exponentially; I’m including sections on the differences between Classical, Medieval, and Renaissance settings (and how to combine them), rules for hunting and jousts/tournaments/gladiatorial games, and a whole lot more. Dumalduns are a new addition to the Bestiary, as well as rules for the locus deus, which will eventually transform a dryad, sylf, nyxie, etc. into a demigod, and perhaps beyond.

Sorry details are scarce; I have a choice between being loquacious or productive…

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  1. Update (however terse) appreciated. Sounds like "Emprise" is going to be the full-fat, full-bore AD&D3 from another world some of us dreamed of.

    Write On!

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