JMS’s signature contribution to media

If you were writing an article, and had to let folks know who J. Michael Straczynski is with but a single phrase, what would you pick? 

Babylon 5, you might be thinking? No. The New Twilight Zone? Captain Power? His Canne-competing film Changeling? No, no, and no again. If you’re writing an article about him, apparently the thing to mention out of his entire body of work is Murder She Wrote.

I kid you not.

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11 thoughts on “JMS’s signature contribution to media

  1. I just have to say that seeing a photo of Angela Lansbury at the top of Greyhawk Grognard is pretty high on the list of Unexpected Events.

  2. Uh…I was with you right up until I read the article.

    Are able to see WHY that particular show was chosen to use in that context?

    It fit.

  3. Hmm . . . let's analyze this;

    Article about JMS working on Wonder Woman, referencing Murder, She Wrote.

    Wonder Woman is Princess Diana of the Amazon Island, or Themicia (a rather Greek oriented culture).

    The Greek Goddess of wisdom & hunting is Artemis. The Roman equivalent is Diana.

    One of the Goddess' symbol is a bow for hunting. Archery uses arrows. Arrows are made with . . (can you see it yet?) . . . feathers for stabilization. This is called fletching. It is done by a fletcher.

    Who is a fletcher?

    Angela Lansbury portrays Jessica Fletcher on Murder, She Wrote. She uses her wisdom and hunting skills for tracking down criminals.

    Just like Wonder Woman.


  4. I disagree, Myth. I would have thought it was a very appropriate choice had the article mentioned the fact that JMS was brought in to Murder, She Wrote in order to take the series in a new direction, renew its energy, etc. and then linked that back to his intention with the comic.

    But this article just used the most superficial aspect; it had a female lead character.

  5. Diana Prince & Jessica Fletcher.
    No one has ever seen them together.

    AL was 16 when Wonder Woman made her debut. Who couldn't imagine her with a golden lasso?
    Gr-r-r-r! 😉


  6. Now I need to look up the episodes he penned of Murder She Wrote and see if I can Netflix on Demand them 😉

  7. I find the need to refer to Jim Lee as a "Korean-American" artist kind of weird, too. I mean, I'm assuming it's true. It just made me realize that

    (a) I had never really thought of Jim Lee as "an Asian artist" before. He's just been "Jim Lee".

    (b) How fucked up race identity politics are in this country.

  8. Ah, Cabot Cove. It would have been a charming place to retire to if it didn't have a murder rate higher than Detroit, Chicago, LA and New York combined… 😀

  9. This has nothing to do with nothing, but JMS just finished up a painfully long run relaunching the Mighty Thor before his move to WW(He left Marvel over creative differences). Unfortunately for fans like me, he crawled out @12 issues in a two year span while working on his side projects (more important things like Changeling). Overall it was a good run I admit and Thor never sold better, but it was because of his celebrity status I think more than the quality. WW in pants though? I give WW's new look one year, maybe two since JMS is writing. 😛

  10. The Murder, She Wrote episodes JMS wrote always had his mark that's for sure. They also had a good logical flow to them.

    Err stumbled on this post with a Google search…

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