DexCon Schedule Now Up!

Better late than never!

The good folks at Dexposure have posted the schedule of events for the upcoming Dexcon 13 convention in Morristown, NJ July 7-11. Here’s the juicy bits…

I will be running Castle of the Mad Archmage (AD&D 1E) twice:

R0210 Thursday 8 PM – Midnight
R0243 Friday 2 PM – 6 PM

I will also be running the classic module Tomb of Horrors (AD&D 1E):

R0264 Friday 8 PM – Midnight
R0319 Saturday 8 PM – Midnight

Also, the “Invasion of the Grognards” will commence! In addition to the above, the following bits of old-school goodness await your pleasure:

R0198 Thursday 1 PM – 5 PM: “Ruins of Glantri” (Basic D&D)
D1025 Thursday 5 PM – 6 PM: “What is the Old School Revival?” (Panel Discussion)
R0214 Thursday 8 PM – Midnight: “A League of their Own” (Marvel Super Heroes)
R0246 Friday2 PM – 6 PM: “Ruins of Glantri” (Basic D&D)
R0307 Saturday 2 PM – 6 PM: “Ruins of Glantri” (Basic D&D)
R0308 Saturday 2 PM – 6 PM: “Stonehell” (Labyrinth Lord)
R0320 Saturday 8 PM – Midnight: “Ruins of Glantri” (Basic D&D)
R0322 Saturday 8 PM – Midnight: “Dar Janix: City of Towers” (Labyrinth Lord)

Unfortunately, the Gamma World and Star Frontiers games don’t seem to have materialized, but considering this is a “latest and greatest games” convention (one of the proud sponsors of a huge Indy Games effort), I think 7 pre-1985 games is pretty good.

Please, if you’re in the area and would like to do a little old schoolery, stop on by! The convention does accept pre-registrations for games.

EDIT (7/4/10): Found a few more sessions of games on the schedule that I missed the first time through.

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