Unified Attack Charts for Adventures Dark and Deep

So it seems that the question of 10+ combat tables vs. having a single table with modifiers wasn’t as cut and dried as I thought! I came up with this, which I think is pretty darned elegant. The question is, is it just gibberish to anyone who *didn’t* write the damned thing?

Brief instructions included. Click the image to embiggen to a readable size…

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14 thoughts on “Unified Attack Charts for Adventures Dark and Deep

  1. I think it would also be very nice to have a box on the character sheet for "attack column" (or whatever the final name ends up being). So rather than "what's your class and level again?", the GM can just ask "what's your attack column?" and it would be handy. Saves half the chart lookup.

  2. Looks clean and tidy to me, anyone with more than an ounce of reading and comprehension should be able to work it out after reading the blurb.

    Not sure about the initial monster to-hit scale, though. Looks a little steep and fatal to me.

  3. I wondered how you were going to do it – and you found a very elegant way of doing it. I think this would work fine (especially if folks put an unsanctioned number on their character sheets that indicates the numeral they require to successfully attack an Armor Class between 1 and -1).

  4. It is eminently understandable and interesting to see the option for d10 and d12 hit point per die creatures. I wonder why the thieves, clerics, mages, et al. don't have a more incremental rate of increase?

  5. very nice 🙂

    just a glitch "…that is the number you must roll or less on a d20 in order to hit…"

    I think it should be something like "…that is the minimum number you must roll on a d20 in order to hit…"

  6. Regarding the steepness of the curves; if you compare this chart with those in the original DMG, the numbers are actually the same for characters and d8 HD monsters. (Part of the difference with the monsters come from not differentiating between 1-1 HD, 1+ HD, etc.). That differentiation will be handled by the type of HD each monster possesses.

  7. Elegant and clear for the DM…

    But as a player, I prefer to look up my "To-Hit" on my character's class-specific chart.

    Maybe just because I'm a 1e guy.

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