“Let them eat static”

Much as I love the final trench run in Star Wars, and the destruction of Caprica from the original Battlestar: Galactica, I present to you the best space battle scene ever filmed. And the reason? Because it concentrates on the characters, not the ships and explosions. The best RPG battles share that same trait. It’s not about how many orcs you kill; it’s about how the battle impacts the characters.

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10 thoughts on ““Let them eat static”

  1. Wrath of Khan is an excellent example of your point. If only assholes like michael bay would learn what elements create the most powerful scenes.

  2. Yep, the Khan battle is a good one, and I especially enjoyed his choice of final words, but I think my favorite ( extended ) battle is the one between Kirk and the Romulan commander on Balance of Terror – always reminded me of two WW2 submarine commanders trying to outfox each other.

  3. Augh! What a cruel reminder. I had a chance to see this movie on the big screen at Gencon last month and was talked out of it by my friends. I am still kicking myself.

  4. Joseph,

    I agree with you 100%; the best space fight of them all. Plus, I'm a film student here, so that makes me an expert right? 😉

    Here's hoping if they *really* feel they must do Khan in the next Abrahms movie, they don't screw it up – or it's going to alienate a bunch of their fans (no pun intended). It's quite dangerous; it could either be very successful for them or blow up in their faces but such is the nature of these things.

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