Game of Thrones coming to HBO next year

Apparently the first book of George R.R. Martin series “A Song of Ice and Fire” is getting turned into a mini-series for HBO called “Game of Thrones” (which is the title of the first book, so perhaps this HBO series is just the beginning). Here’s a quick behind-the-scenes piece (with an approving Martin himself in it). I tried to start the first book a few years ago, but couldn’t get into it. I’ll have to give it another try, because this looks very good, and he is the author of one of my favorite series of short stories ever (the “Haviland Tuf” stories, as well as the rest of his Thousand Worlds work). There were two attempts at making a Game of Thrones RPG, but I’ve not taken a look at either.

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  1. Sigh, now I have to find time to read these, just like my brother always said I should…

    Want to buy extra six hours a day, lemme know if you have any going cheap.

  2. Oh, has he actually finished the books? No? Then a TV adaptation is grossly premature.

    The only way it can live up to the "epic book series" is if the producers announce it as a three-, then four-, then six-, then seven-part series and then, after broadcasting Part 4 announce that it was so long that it had to be split it into two parts but the second part of Part 4 was all done and would be coming out Real Soon Now.
    — Wilbarr, commenting at Finish the Book George

    My money is on author existence failure (see also: Robert Jordan) before completion of the series.

  3. Why would anyone devote an entire blog to just trashing someone else's work? And go on and on so obsessively about it? That's just sad.

  4. Super-stoked about this one. From what I've read, the first book will be spread out over the first two seasons.

    And yeah, "Finish the Book George" guy sounds like a giant dildo.

  5. Couple comments. Sorry for the minor rant here, Joe.

    One, the "finish the damn book" guy can't be a giant dildo. At least a giant dildo has some sort of useful application.

    Second and lastly (because the other points were deleted as being too personal), if he really is a teacher as claimed (and I have doubts) then I fear for the poor students who have to absorb the massive levels of hate and stupidity radiating from his tiny sponge-bag-like brain.

  6. The first three books are spectacular. The 4th book not as good, but still very . But my advice? Don't bother reading these until GRRM finishes it. There is a very high chance he's got a major writer's block (five years since last book and still going, with three books still to go!!!) and either will never finish the series, or have it finished by some writing consortium ala Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time series.

    And yeh, in case you haven't guessed, I'm out on the series and GRRM until he mans up and finishes it…my present philosophy of "I don't start reading your series until you finish it" for fantasy authors opus's can be directly traced to this debacle.

  7. I certainly want to see the end of the series and wish George Martin the health and inspiration to do so.

    However, the books rock as they stand.

    I'm reading them aloud to my girlfriend (page 300something last I checked) and it is fun to look up from the book and see her enraptured by the story.

    Very much looking forward to the HBO show. According to George's blog, they're doing one season per book. Of course HBO is a business and (remember Deadwood, Carnival or what Fox did to Firefly?) there are no guarantees.

    Still, there has been some spectacular TV in recent years. There's still a lot of garbage, but I'm shocked at how much either I've changed or TV has. For years I never owned one.

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