Terry Pratchett Forges Own Sword of Meteoric Iron

Terry Pratchett, he of Discworld fame and unfortunate sufferer from Alzheimer’s Disease, decided that the thing to do after being knighted by the Queen was to go out into a field where meteoric iron was to be had, find his own samples, smelt them himself, and have the ore turned into a sword.

Oh… my… gods…

The one downside to this story is that he has the sword in hiding, because he’s afraid the British authorities would confiscate it in some application of their “knife crime” laws. Hell, I’d be in jail right now if it were me. But it’s just such a cool thing,

In honor of World Alzheimer’s Day. Plus, just because it’s freakin’ cool.

EDIT: And I no longer have to wait to see it! Here it is!

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10 thoughts on “Terry Pratchett Forges Own Sword of Meteoric Iron

  1. That is an awesome sword! I didn't know Terry Pratchett had alzheimers, that's unfortunate. His writing has greatly influenced my T&T game setting.

  2. Having had the privilege of meeting the esteemed Sir Terry of Pratchett on a couple of occasions, I have to say that reading this elevated him from being a thoroughly nice chap and wonderful author with huge talent to now being the second coolest man on earth.

    Enough cannot be said how marvelous the man is, in just about every single way.

  3. My trick to naming the coolest people alive is simple. Never name the absolute coolest (for He is The Fonz) because it always leaves room for someone amazingly cool to show up and surprise you.

    Sorry, Joe, I'm afraid you have to come third for now. You can't defy the mighty Pratchett.

  4. That's an awesome sword! Also, congrats to Sir Terry Pratchett on receiving his knighthood! Despite the Alzheimer's, it's amazing to see Pterry continue doing so much, both in writing the Discworld novels and raising awareness for Alzheimer's.

    Alice Byrne

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