Hex and Counter Wargames Day

Anyone up for a couple of old-fashioned (or newfangled) hex and counter wargames?

We’re doing a semi-informal games day at the FLGS, Mighty Titans Hobbies and Games in Randolph, NJ (that’s on Route 46 in Morris County) this Saturday. 

The whole thing is being organized through Meetup.com here. We’re going to have on-hand games like OGRE/GEV, Napoleon’s Last Battles, Starfire, Tactics II, and more (not, unfortunately, Europa, which is pictured above). We’ll decide on what’s actually to be played when we’re there.

If you’re in the area, feel free to stop on by! We’re starting at noon and going ’til whenever. If it is a success, we might turn it into a semi-regular thing. See you there!

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5 thoughts on “Hex and Counter Wargames Day

  1. Man, I'm jealous. I just hooked up with a boardgame group in the Albany NY area, but not a wargamer among them. And my wargame buddy has been buried by work for many months now…so many new shiny GMT games going unplayed…..

  2. No Europa? Tease.

    Hey, give Source of the Nile a go if you have it … with a spreadsheet of course, and a couple of rules hacks to reduce the "lost in the swamp/waiting in London" downtime.

  3. Well, I've cleared scheduling so I have the day free at least. Just working transport logistics and you'll at least be able to beat the noob at something!

  4. I have a big pile of Europa games I really should sit down and play one of these days.

    I wonder if War in the Desert or something else is the right game to start with?

    I think I have three copies of Marita Merkur…

    BTW, I really hate the fact that there's a stub left when you delete a comment on blogger based blogs.

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