Dark Dungeons: The Movie

I think this may very well be the first time a Chick Tract has been turned into a movie! Old-timers will be very familiar with Jack Chick’s 1984 attack on Dungeons and Dragons, entitled, “Dark Dungeons”, which was later used as the title of a 2E Rules Cyclopedia retro-clone. Well, here it is brought to life (straight, with all the self-parody of the original left intact). Enjoy!

Hat tip to Purple Pawn.

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7 thoughts on “Dark Dungeons: The Movie

  1. Nice find, Joseph! That was great! I was all pumped up for the ending, but unfortunately got a bit disappointed when they didn't throw the books in the fire so I could hear them scream. Still, a nice adaptation. I give it 4 out of 5 stars. 🙂

  2. I loves me some Jack Chick, and Dark Dungeons has long been one of my favorites!

    Actually, a bunch of folks have made short films based on Chick's oeuvre (check out Hot Chicks), but I'm glad to see Dark Dungeons finally getting some movie love.

    Blatant Self Promotion: I was always a bit disappointed with Chick's anticlimactic ending, so I tried to spice things up a little bit. Check out my review of Dark Dungeons on Jack Chick's Funnybook Gospel.

  3. I grew up in the Bible belt and we still faced this type of thing in the 90's. You had to be careful who you told that you played D&D. IN fact still in 2009 I lost a player who's wife believed that D&D was a form of witchcraft. SO there are lots of places that this sort of idiocy hasn't left.

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