Adventures Dark and Deep Playtest Begins!

Q: What has 507 spells, 221 pages, 16 character classes, and is three weeks early?

A: The Adventures Dark and Deep Players Guide!

This has the real “meat” of the game. There are no magic items or monsters yet, but those are coming. In the meantime, you can use such from your favorite retro-clone with almost no adjustment necessary. The Game Masters Toolkit (with magic items) will be ready come January. The Bestiary (with, um, beasts) will follow soon thereafter.

I would ask that feedback on specific rules themselves be confined to the Adventures Dark and Deep forums, but if you have general questions or commentary, I’ll leave the comments on this post open here. Many thanks, and I look forward to getting a lot of feedback!

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9 thoughts on “Adventures Dark and Deep Playtest Begins!

  1. John: If you read through the ADD forums, you'll see that the OGL issue is just for the duration of the playtest. Once the rules are in final form, they will be opened up.

  2. Been looking through it today and yesterday and I love it so far. Though I will say you need a proofreader in spots.

    Now I have to think up a way to print a 200 page document on a company printer without anybody noticing . . .

  3. Again, congratulations Joe! And to Hamlet, above, you can always join the legions of offering proof-readers over at the Adventures Dark and Deep forums. 🙂

  4. Yes, I probably could join that legion, but as of this moment I'm considering getting out a red pencil and marking up a printed copy and handing it to Joe on Friday. That would incur a serious sanity penalty, however.

  5. If I were attending Friday (and not, instead, busy in PA being all sociable with non-ADD friends) I'd actually be giving our poor, beleaguered DM the very same red pencil treatment.

    So, Joe, how's it feel to be back in grade school?

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