Hexographer Does Classic Greyhawk Maps

Joe over at Inkwell Ideas has come out with a new version of Hexographer, and he’s taken it out for a spin by making excellent versions of the classic Darlene World of Greyhawk maps. There’s even a tutorial on how to make those wonderful hex-spanning mountains, hills, and forests using the software. Excellent stuff, and I would highly recommend it! (Click over to his site to see a much higher-res version of that map to behold just how cool it is.)

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4 thoughts on “Hexographer Does Classic Greyhawk Maps

  1. It is Java… so it does run on a Mac (& Linux & Windows). I actually develop it primarily on a Mac, but definitely some windows and I know a few people who use it on Linux.

    Other common issues… The free version should also run on all the same platforms in your browser as an applet (similar to how Flash runs in a browser, if you don't know about Java), although sometimes there is some browser/Java integration issue. Upgrading/reinstalling Java usually fixes any issue. However, I do know people have been having issues running it in Chrome and investigating that is still on my to do list.

    –Joe (Hexographer developer)

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