The Ogre Project, Part II – Assembly

As I mentioned a few days ago, I’m finally making a big push to finish up my Ogre/GEV armies for an upcoming game day over at the FLGS. Having taken stock of what I’ve got, and what needed to be done, I set to work.

Behold the glory of all my minis, now put together and ready for painting.

I’ve decided to change my paint scheme somewhat, after a trip to the local hobby store revealed a few neato-torpedo colors that would look great on armor. My Combine army is now going to be done half in olive, and half in a nice desert tan. The PanEuropeans will be done half in gray, and half in a reddish brown (hopefully evoking a sort of Soviet feel). The idea is that, in large scenarios, it will be possible to break down the forces on either side by color, allowing for team play on each side.

The ogres will, naturally, be painted in garish colors, and can thus be used on any side depending on the needs of the scenario. As a wise man once observed, “What’s the point of trying to camouflage something the size of a shopping mall?”

The whole kit and kaboodle, now put together and ready for painting.
The Ogres. Three Mark III’s, a Mark V, and two Fencers. I want more…
Various units; missile tanks, heavy tanks of both the Combine and PanEuros, and three mobile howitzers from, I believe, Martian Metals in the lower-right corner.

Combine GEVs. I hate those damned fins on the rear. A real pain to glue on.

Naturally, having set about to get my existing miniatures in order, I couldn’t resist adding to the collection. Just to even up the forces, you understand. So I hied over to Warehouse 23 and picked up a box of PanEuropean GEVs, a set with some of the now-impossible-to-find-on-their-own Combine mobile howitzers, and a Mark III-B Ogre.

If anyone has any Ogre/GEV miniatures they aren’t particularly attached to, please let me know. I will probably be willing to take them off your hands.

And, naturally, my plans for using these bad boys have expanded as well. Not only will they be used at our local FLGS wargame day, but I’ll also be hosting an Ogre/GEV event at the Dreamation convention in Morristown in July. Details to come!

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  1. I wish I had the money to invest in miniatures, and the time to do something with them if I had some. Every time I see pics of big armies of minis, it makes me want buy some.

    I'd be more inclined towards Battletech minis to scratch that scifi wargaming itch, but those hover tanks are cool. They remind me of the minis that were released for the Hammer's Slammers wargame.

    Even if I could afford to go whole hog into minis, I'd have a tough time deciding between fantasy figures or scifi figures.

    Funny, because I made a post that talks about wargaming in a roundabout way on my blog just before reading your post here Joe.

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