Dexcon 14: Morristown, NJ July 6-10 Early Bird Special & Return of the Grognards

My loyal readers will remember that Dexcon, held in Morristown, NJ, is one of the two conventions I regularly attend every year, and that I’ve been hosting games of various sorts there for years.

Today marks the opening of event registration, and they are also running a special early bird registration discount. Between now and March 18th, if you register with the code “D14EBX”, you will get $5 off your registration. That is on top of any other discounts you may receive from belonging to local clubs. It’s certainly something to take advantage of if you’re going to be in attendance.

This year, I am intending to run:

Last year, I and several other old-school GM’s did an “Invasion of the Grognards” that was enormously successful. I would like to do something similar this year. If you’re interested and able (and will be able to make the convention– please don’t commit if you’re going to be a no-show at the last minute), please take the time to register your event at the website linked to above, and let me know via email (joseph at josephbloch dot com). I’ll put together some promotional materials and we should hopefully get as good or better turnout than we did last year.

See you at the con!

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