Game of Thrones Premiers Tomorrow

Just a reminder that tomorrow night HBO will premier the first episode of its “Game of Thrones” miniseries based on the novels by George R.R. Martin. I’ve never read the books, being much more a fan of his science fiction works, but I’ve heard good things both about them and this miniseries. My only regret is that its on opposite “The Borgias” on Showtime. Thankfully, I’ve got Tivo.

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5 thoughts on “Game of Thrones Premiers Tomorrow

  1. Yeah I'm having some geeky excitement over Thu@ also – which is comical considering I've never read the books.

  2. Thanks for the reminder! Digital recorder is set. You really should do yourself a favor and read the books, they're super awesome. Even people I know who arnt into fantasy in general have read and loved them.

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  4. Watched it last night. Mixed feelings, mostly due to some changes that were obviously made for the TV vs. text audience (and understandable) but still rub me the wrong way. When I think of thw White Walkers, I think alien, graceful, terrifying, and mockingly honorable. Not Morlock.

  5. I'm just reading the books for the first time now and can't recommend them highly enough. Great, great fantasy. Such fascinating characters and a broad and detailed canvas. Can't wait to get to Volume 2!

    I also agree with Hamlet about the mixed reaction. Frankly, I thought the acting was very up and down. Daenyres was especially bad I thought. Still, I look forward to see how they do. I'm really looking forward to Peter Dinklage's Imp.

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