The Oerth Journal Returns

Well this is a bit of good news indeed!

The Oerth Journal, a really top-notch fan publication (which, in the past has scored articles by such Greyhawk luminaries as Gary Gygax and Rob Kuntz, to name but a few) is under new and energized management and looking for submissions. Plus they have set up a website for the Journal itself. From the announcement over at Canonfire:

The Oerth Journal is back and looking for submissions! New leadership and a new staff means we are hungry for material (literally – we don’t feed our editorial xvarts unless they work!).

What is the Oerth Journal and what are we looking for?

The Oerth Journal is a long-running and distinguished online periodical first published in 1995. Devoted to the World of Greyhawk Campaign Setting, the Oerth Journal explores facets of Greyhawk untouched by “official” development, from the mundane to the macabre, including adventures, gazetteers, esoterica, and “alternate” Greyhawks, as well as NPCs, deities, adventure sites, and simple lore.

The Oerth Journal is always looking for submissions for our regular departments and features: Denizens of the Flanaess; Of Oerth and Altar; Rogues Gallery; Tales from the Green Dragon Inn; and With Boccob’s Blessing, among others. (Summaries of all the regular features can be found in the guidelines document.) These features give many authors an easy “entry point”, but we welcome articles of any nature related to the World of Greyhawk. We also accept any rules edition or game system, including (but not limited to!) Basic D&D, OSR systems, AD&D, 3e, 4e, and Pathfinder. In addition, we welcome fantasy art and Greyhawk fan-fiction submissions!

All inquiries and proposals can be emailed to , and will be answered promptly. Submission guidelines are available at – scroll to the bottom of the page and click on “The Oerth Journal Submission Guidelines and Templates” to open or download the document.

Looks like I’ll have to start keeping my Oerth Journal Index updated! It’s the good kind of extra work, though.

EDIT: Hey, I just realized this was my 500th post on the blog. Go me!

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  1. Incidentally, you've vaulted to 3rd place traffic source for the Oerth Journal blog (39), after EN World (46), and, not surprisingly, Canonfire (63). Dragonsfoot is in 4th (18), and Facebook is 5th (14).

  2. I just downloaded your "best of" collection and skimmed the first few pages. I want to see the Lost Valley of the Cavemen! 🙂

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