Sussex County Ruins

I took advantage of the good weather this past weekend (finally!) to take some photographs of some of the ruins in the woods near my home. Click to embiggen.

I would love to use them myself in a game, to give players a real feel for what I’m describing. Hopefully someone can make use of them.

Ruined bridge piling in the Musconetcong River

View from the north shore

View from the bank of the river

An overgrown wall near the Sussex Branch Trail

A ruined building visible from Waterloo Road

A piece of the corner

Through the doorway

Forgotten bridge mountings on a tributary of the Musconetcong River
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9 thoughts on “Sussex County Ruins

  1. If you know where to look, this state is just lousy with things like that. There's one by the off-ramp from 80W in Rockaway if you look at just the right moment.

    You should go back and revisit those sites and take pictures a month later. Be interesting to see what it looks like once the growth of spring starts to shoot up around them.

  2. We've got some neat ones out here in the Poconos as well. That's one of the nice things about being the older part of the country.

  3. Man, if I owned the property with that ruined house I'd totally rebuild it.

    Actually, I'd probably find more stones and build a friggin tower, complete with a ballista and cauldron of oil on top…

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