Some Greyhawk Heraldry

Just a few things I whipped up using the most excellent and praise-worthy Coat of Arms Design Studio by the same genius who brought you Hexographer and Dungeonographer. Buy them! Buy them all! They are some of the most intuitive and above all USEFUL programs any DM could ask for. I believe it took me about an hour to do all of these, and that was coming at it cold, unfamiliar with the program.





South Province:

One advantage these have over simply scanning in the heraldry from the various printed materials is that the images are in .png format, meaning they can scale up or down perfectly without much of any distortion. Crystal clear. Loveitloveitloveit.

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  1. Wow, thanks a bunch. I have been doing all my heraldry by hand till now. Come next paycheck, I think I might have to see about getting a copy (provided it works with Macs, haven't checked). Just got done messing with it to make an armorial for an Order for my Traveler game.

    This is supercool. Thank you again.

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