Raid on Frederikshavn

Combine intelligence has determined that the PanEuropean Space Authority is about to launch an experimental new space plane from their facility at Frederikshavn, Denmark. A fast strike force of GEVs has been sent across the North Sea, with coordinated support from a MK III sent along the sea floor, to destroy the spacecraft on the launch pad. Can the PanEuropean garrison hold off the attackers long enough for reinforcements to arrive?

I’ve been struck with inspiration for a scenario to run the next time or two I do Ogre Miniatures both with the regular group and at a convention. I was inspired by the discovery of a model kit that was just so evocative and in exactly the right scale that it screamed “use this for Ogre somehow!”

The kit itself is a Glencoe model kit in 1:288 scale (the Ogre Miniatures are said to be 1:300, but they work fine alongside 1:285 figures), the “Three Stage Ferry Rocket”, modeled on a design presented by Werner Von Braun in the 1950’s in his series of articles in Collier’s magazine and on television to popularize the possibilities of space travel. I saw the box and the scale, and became inspired.

Here is the model kit, assembled but not painted (the gantry is not shown), with two MK-III Ogres alongside to give it some scale. It comes on a hexagonal launching platform. I must admit this is the first time I’ve tried to put together a model kit since I was 12. I’m not 100% satisfied with the results, but it will certainly do the job and should look quite striking once it’s put on the gaming table.

Here we have it painted (again, no gantry), and before the decals were applied. I went with a “modern” black and white color scheme to go for a Space Shuttle or Apollo/Saturn V look. The windows on the space plane itself are in the same periwinkle blue that decorate the windshields of my GEVs.

Here’s the finished piece, with the gantry (which I decided to paint orange, to evoke a sort of Apollo feel to the thing) and the decals applied. I’m still debating trying to put a PanEuropean Corinthian helmet symbol on either the booster or the space plane itself.

And here’s the finished piece with a MK-III and a Combine heavy tank down near the launch base for scale.

The scenario itself will consist of a force of Combine GEVs (regular GEVs, light-GEVs, or GEV-PCs with accompanying infantry) and a MK-III Ogre emerging from the surf near the PanEuropean spaceport at Frederikshavn, Denmark (I toyed with making it Peenemünde, but thought that would be too cute by half).

The spaceport will be protected by a relatively weak garrison, heavy on infantry, with a regular schedule of reinforcements showing up on each turn (the exact nature of which are unknown to either player, maybe random). The Combine player will get victory points for both destroying the space plane on the launch pad and getting his own forces out of the raid intact. The PanEuropean player will get victory points for protecting the space plane and inflicting Combine casualties.

Look for this at the next convention I do (probably Dreamation in February), and I’ll post a report of how things go when I playtest it for the local gaming group. Color me excited!

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  1. I want to build a table for this so badly.

    Had a few thoughts on the scenario though, which I will expound upon perhaps when we get chance to play it.

  2. Oh wow that is just so inspirational and also reminds me of the Wings of Honneamise anime, where the launch of the first rocket into space takes place during a military assault.

  3. Ashley, meet Northy. North, meet Ashley. You both have several things in common; you game, you're both from Britain, and you both paint things pink…

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