The ADD of ADD

Some of my fellow bloggers tend to speak of “Gamer ADD”, referring to the practice of having a number of different projects in the hopper and tending to jump from one to another with both abandon and rapidity. I’m no different, and every once in a while I find it helps me to focus if I list out just what it is that I’m working on.

  • Adventures Dark and Deep
  • Adventures Great and Glorious
  • Glitterdark mega-dungeon
  • Erseta Fantasy Setting
  • Ogre Miniatures
  • 15mm historical/fantasy wargaming using Field of Glory

Adventures Dark and Deep is coming along nicely. Versions of all three rulebooks are complete and available for public consumption during the open playtest, and all are in a constant state of refinement as more and more feedback comes in. The only one that still needs major work is the Bestiary; I’m working on the last third of the planned creatures right now. No, you didn’t miss the announcement of the next version of the Bestiary; only the first third are currently available. The rest will all come at once.

Adventures Great and Glorious is in an early draft stage, and not ready for prime time. If it works out the way I envision, it will take things in a whole new direction, in terms of giving a framework for power politics very different from what we’ve seen in products such as Birthright.

Well, technically Glitterdark is a part of my Erseta campaign, but it’s such a massive project (20 levels so far, many of which have sub-levels) that I count it as a project unto itself. Lots of maps done, lots more to do, much more writing to be done. Erseta is being done piecemeal, as I find myself in need of stuff for my home campaign. I’m working through a gazetteer, and doing maps using the most excellent Hexographer program, but it’s an enormous undertaking.

Ogre Miniatures is a standard game among the group. Most of my figures are painted, but they all want detailing, and I’ve got some more that still need assembly and painting. I’ve got more than enough to play with, though, so now it’s just a question of finding time and coming up with neat-o torpedo scenarios and accompanying props and scenery.

Field of Glory… yeah… I’ve really got to sit down some weekend and knock out a few dozen stands. I’ve probably got more than a thousand unpainted figures, mostly Ral Parthas and Old Glory 15s, plus a bunch that kind readers have been sending me. (The offer stands, by the way– if anyone has any 15mm figures that they know they will never in a million years use, I will gladly take them off your hands, and they WILL get painted and played, eventually.) Right now, I’ve got 4 stands of 3 figures each painted. They mock me, sitting on the shelf, all alone…

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  1. You forgot to mention getting Castle of the Mad Archmage revised for release by Black Blade Publishing!

    Or does that ommission mean you've already submitted the final manuscript? 🙂

  2. Absolutely– that is in their capable hands, complete with quite a bit of additional material not found in the free pdf. I'm looking forward to it as much as anyone at this point!

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