Starting Over

Have you ever put a ton of work into something for a game, and then when it was on the brink of actually being used, been thunderstruck by a fabulous new idea that takes the thing into a completely new direction? Bonus: almost all the work you did for that thing up to that point is now useless.

Yeah, that happened to me the other day. But it’s a good thing, because the finished product is going to be about a thousand times cooler than it would have been had I followed the original plan.

Special Bonus: I’ve got a two-week deadline to get it into a workable form.


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6 thoughts on “Starting Over

  1. HA!

    Last night, as I was within a couple of hours from completing my OSRIC Player's Guide, something I've been working on for MONTHS…

    I discovered I had somehow left out the spell description for Magic Missile.

    All those tedious hours spent doing page numbers, page headers, the spell index, the lay out, etc., etc., up in flames.

    I didn't get much sleep last night, but I do have a lot more imaginary friends now.

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