Jeff Dee is Doing Something AWESOME

Veteran AD&D artist Jeff Dee, who did so many illustrations for various TSR publications back in the day, has something absolutely amazing going on over on Kickstarter.

Turns out that the incredibly talented Mr. Dee, whose original drawings that graced the interior of the Deities and Demigods (later renamed Legends and Lore, to the consternation of all of us who abhor Political Correctness, including Gary Gygax himself), laments that those original drawings no longer exist. TSR threw the originals into the dumpster ignominiously decades ago.

So what to do? Why, redo the drawings, of course!

Jeff is running a kickstarter campaign to raise money by redoing all of the drawings he did for the Egyptian Mythos way back then. If the campaign turns out to be a success, more will come.

Personally, I think this is a splendid thing, and really hope the idea takes off. If you want to get a quick idea of what this means in artistic terms using Elric from the Melnibonean Mythos as a sample, behold (click to embiggen, posted with express permission, and the original is here):

So hie thyself over to Kickstarter and pledge a couple of bucks. He’s got several nifty rewards, and it’s certainly a worthy cause!

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