Armies of Erseta: Knights of Tamaria

Another six hours well spent this afternoon– a battlegroup of the mounted chivalry of Tamaria. For these figures I went with a different painting scheme than my previous two efforts.

Rather than having them all wear the livery of Tamaria itself, the
knights are decorated in their individual coats of arms, and their
horses are painted to match.

Those with penants mounted on their lances have those done in the purple
of Tamaria, with a few white highlights to designate unit battle

I really like the effect of all the different colors, and the chrome-shiny chainmail looks great.

Again, I don’t count myself as even a good miniature painter, but they’ll do the job. These figures come from Old Glory 15s. As always, I highly recommend them.

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2 thoughts on “Armies of Erseta: Knights of Tamaria

  1. Good paint job! I was debating on whether or not to do individual coat of arms or the livery of Nyrond for mine as well.

    I've got some halbardiers painted up but haven't gotten to the knights.

    Are you using the OG Knights of Outremer?

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